Work Experience

Work Experience & Internships

2016- 2017 Team Leader & Thermal IR Expert, Quantum Spatial Inc., Oregon, USA

2014- 2016 Project Manager & Thermal IR Lead, Quantum Spatial Inc., Oregon, USA

Managing the workflow and the finances of various remote sensing of NIR and bathymetry LiDAR projects as well TIR projects. The projects varied in size and value reaching multi-million Acres and $US.

Spring 2013 Graduate Teaching Assistant, Oregon State University, Oregon, USA

working as the Teaching Assistant over the spring term for two online classes: Introduction to GIS and sustainability for the coming good.

2009- 2014 Graduate Research Assistant, Oregon State University, Oregon, USA

Advised by Dr. Roy Haggerty and Dr. Steve Wondzell on a research joint between Oregon State University and USFS. the research aims to invistigate the effects of climate change on rivers temperature in the Pacific Northwest. The research studies the Middle Fork John Day River. The work utilizes the Heat Source Model.

2009- 2010 Fulbright Scholar Internship, Oregon State University, Oregon, USA

Two years graduate student scholarship. For the first year, worked with Dr. Aaron Wolf on international, transboundary watersheds. The researched focused on shared watershed between Palestine and Israel. The second years was dedicated to work with Dr. Roy Haggerty on developing PhD research ideas.

2007- 2008 the Israeli Ministry for Environmental Protection, Jerusalem

a) Coordinator of Industrial Air Pollution, Main Office- Responsible for promoting new regulations and enforcement in the filed together with the legal and research units. On the interface with parliament members, the minster, main office’s colleagues and districts' coordinators, and the industry representatives. promoted educational program and data managing for office use and for public use.

b) Sustainability and Recycling officer, Jerusalem District- wide variety of duties working with education and teaching agencies, public offices, municipalities, NGOs, etc.. the goal is to improve sustainable life style and raise awareness. worked with law enforcement offices, lawyers, and private companies. working environment involved mediation and facilitation between involved parties.

Summer 2006 Hotchkiss School, Ct, USA

Teaching Faculty-Intern at theHotchkiss Summer Portals for science and environment program for international high school students.

2004-2005 Arava Institute for Environmental Studies, Israel

GIS Technician and Database-Manager for the Transboundary Watershed Restoration project. The project is funded by the USAID. As part of the project, I gained experience with ICP water analysis and general water chemistry lab skills.

2004 Brown University, Rhode Island, USA

Research assistant-intern with Prof. Steven Hamburg and Dr. Jeff Albert. Digitized and analyzed historical maps using Geographic Information System (ArcView) software. Developed a research program for analyzing transboundary watershed environmental problems. Worked with an interdisciplinary team of students and academics in the Middle East Environmental Futures (MEEF) Project.

2004 Allegheny College, Pennsylvania, USA

Summer internship in public health and environment working with Dr. Caryl Waggett and other academics. Assisted in potential lead-poisoning research in the region of northwest Pennsylvania. Developed academic research and field sampling skills.

2002-2007 Israel Society for Environment and Education, Tel-Aviv, Israel

Advisor for environmental pioneer projects. Working with high school students and teachers toward improving ecological and social situation in their environment.

2002-2004 Technion Student Union, Technion, Haifa

Green Director of the university campus. Managed environmental projects within the campus. Participated in decision-making and conferences as part of the green campus of the university staff.

2002-2004 Shemen Factory, Haifa, Haifa Oil Museum

Museum Co-director. Managed and developed in-factory museum schedules and guides, translated information into Arabic and Hebrew.

2000-2007 Afek Reserve, Haifa, Nature and Parks Reserve

Guide and Translator, Board Member of the reserve. Developed field activities. Mentored high school students for environmental final projects .

2001-2003 Technology and Science Youth Center, Technion, Haifa

Taught high school students biochemistry and chemistry courses (classes and labs). Developed lectures and laboratories of environmental course for the center. Functioned as Board Member.